knox at 12 months...

it's official, mr. knox. you're a whole year old. it went way too fast for my liking, but you continue to make us fall more and more in love with you each day so therefore we are excited to watch you continue growing and changing!! here's a little of what you've been up to the last month of your first year...
you've become a little less social this month as you were sick for most of the month. you really only wanted your mommy to hold you. and hold you ALL the time!! don't get me wrong...you still had your super fun, easy going moments, but between sickies and teething. you spent more time unhappy the past month then you were the rest of the year. you definitely have the separation anxiety going. you haven't lasted a whole church service in awhile. but we keep trying. one day we know you will love going just like your big brothers! 

you like to play! some of your new tricks include the "kiss game" (where you just make smacking kissing sounds over and over. if we ask you for a kiss, you lean in open-mouthed! you have even started offering kisses without being asked. you are a sweet, sweet boy!), "pat, pat" ( we say "pat, pat" and you pat us. it's your way of showing love!). you are still into everything! since we've been back at nana's though it has settled down some only because i've baby-proofed here! you like to climb the stairs. we're not good at keeping the gate up since we go up and down a ton during the day. you don't really seem to have a favorite toy. you just roam around playing with whatevers on the floor. you have eased up on putting stuff in your mouth. you love to wrestle with daddy and your brothers. we say "get him" and you just bury your head into them. you and daddy's favorite game is you sitting in the couch and he pops up then hides and craws to another part of the couch and pops up there. you LOVE this! you still aren't doing anything on the walking front. you won't even stand for us anymore.
you still enjoy eating. this past week you've enjoyed it a little less because of teething. you've cut one and you have another SO close to the surface that it seems unfair that it hasn't popped through yet. you've definitely had a rougher time with teething than your brothers. you've run a low-grade fever and been super fussy. all you want to do is be held or sleep. this month, you've done a great job at feeding yourself. you can pick up anything! we switched you over from baby oatmeal to regular oatmeal each morning. you're not loving avocados as much right now, but that's the only thing you're turning your nose up to these days. you've been nursing 4 times a day, but i think i'm going to wean you from your late afternoon feeding. you had cow's milk yesterday and you enjoyed it. you had the stomach bug this month. that was the most pitiful sight ever!

despite feeling crummy, you've slept pretty great. you're sleeping until almost 8 these days. the latest that you've ever slept. you have two favorite blankies and you have to have a passy! you still sleep great in the car. you go to bed around 7:30-8 each night. you still take a morning nap and an afternoon nap. 
you're pretty vocal. you say mama, dada, nana, yaaaay, and sometimes hi. you makes lots of sounds while you're eating! you love for us to talk to you. 

you're somewhere around 20lbs. we have got to find a new pediatrician to get your well-child check-up done. i miss the soods. you wear 6-12 month clothes and about a 1or 2 in shoes. you're turning into a little guy like canon! you wear a size 4 diaper. still haven't had to buy you any diapers (thank you, highland park. what a huge blessing our diaper shower has been!)


this has been the sweetest year with you. you fit our family so perfectly. we LOVE that god chose us to be yours! we are so excited to see what god has in store for you over this next year. love you SOOOOOO much, sweet boy! please don't ever forget that :)


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