knox's first birthday...

today is my baby boy's birthday. bittersweet. i've decided i really don't like how fast time is going by with these guys, but, at the same time, i'm very thankful for it because it means my kids are here and healthy and i'm beyond thankful for their lives. blew your mind, huh?! :)

this morning we all slept until almost 8. ahhh. the big boys were very excited to see all the balloons that elf the elf blew up over night (he's only sugar man, buzz light year the elf half the time). 
we all went in to get knox up. he was less than thrilled. he woke up fussy and has been for a few days now. i couldn't do anything right for him...
...but he was all smiles for his daddy! he's turning more and more into a daddy's boy. that's ok, he still has LOTS of love for his mama!!
 after a morning nap, we got ready and headed to chickfila for a birhtday lunch. i was very excited to pull these shirts out today! i got them in september, but had to wait for 2 of the 3 to have birthdays! i've decided they will wear these anytime i take them all out together. it's amazing how many people ask about their ages in a single outing! knox has the best big brothers. 
 "all i want for my birthday is more tylenol and a nap."
he did perk up some for his first big kid meal (grilled chicken nuggets and applesauce) and first taste of cow milk. both were a hit! as we were about to leave, an employee started talking to us. when she found out it was knox's birthday, she brought ice cream for all of the boys! 
 lane said, "it pays to teach your kids to share!"
i've been a sap all day and have enjoyed looking back at all the pictures from this year. these 2 photos are just minutes away from being 365 days apart! see? a sap.
he woke up with a fever and feeling crummy, but after he filled his belly with some dinner and started wrestling with his daddy, he was back to his happy-go-lucky self. he's usually so even tempered that it's been hard seeing him uncomfortable the past few days. 
we had a GREAT 2 hours with this boy. he had plenty of laughs and funnies for us! i'm so thankful for the joy he brings our family. we feel so blessed to be his mommy and daddy and big brothers. we love you, knox oliver! happy birthday, sweet baby!!

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