our little christmas...

the night before we left for our 11-day, 3-stop christmas break, we gave the boys their gifts and stockings from us. we did this last year and it worked well. we spend christmas at my mom's house and the amount of toys they would get in one day would just be ludicrous. we don't go overboard for several reasons, but it sure is fun buying for them! christmas is definitely more fun as a parent than a kid! 

after dinner that night, we came downstairs and watched "charlie brown christmas". everyone was extra cuddly and attentive. when it was over, the boys were very ready to break into their gifts. 
you can never go wrong with superhero stuff with these guys! ledger is still obsessed with "tacain amerita" and canon LOVES hulk. 
glow stick swords (found on the party aisle at target) were the stocking favorite! however, when canon opened some white socks, he got very excited and said, "my very own socks!!" i LOVE this age when they are so content with whatever they get and are truly joyful and thankful. their sweet expressions were just precious. 
ledger's 2nd favorite stocking stuffer was tic-tac-toe fruit snacks. they LOVE playing "tattoo" on the magnadoodle. 
knoxy loved his superhero toothbrush...
...and his yogurt melts!
and i may be guilty of re-giftting the spinning car toy. i had it put away for about 1.5 years. we had perfectly good toys in storage that everyone had forgotten about and no need for new toys. of course, ledger couldn't stop playing with it! 
knox is i am obsessed with his orange prickly ball and superhero little people!
 we love making special memories with these guys. they're hearts were very thankful that night which makes gift-giving 10x sweeter! we did save their santa gifts to give them on christmas morning. next up...the christmas train!

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