we've had some pretty sweet days around here lately. i'm just so thankful for these guys and their daddy! i love watching their little personalities develop. i love watching their hearts being molded. i love watching them play and pretend. i love their friendships. and i LOVE their hugs and kisses! (watch out, i'm in a REAL BIG sap right now!)

we had been wanting to take the boys out for some new photos and yesterday was BEAUTIFUL, the last for awhile. we got the boys all dressed up and fed and bribed. they were EXCITED! knox hasn't been himself for a few days (those darn teeth!) so he had me worried. lane got some really great shots of the big boys. knox wasn't feeling it. forget about a good group shot! they show the big boys' personalities so well. knox is usually a ham, but he was sad :( i was even feeding him smarties! maybe we can take them out again...
we were in an alleyway right next to an old-fashioned-candy store. for a treat, we let them pick something out. ledger picked actual candy. canon chose wax lips. there was also a wax mustache involved!
 last night, i had some errands to run and invited canon along. i LOVE spending on-on-one time with my guys. ledger had gone on the last couple solo outings so it was definitely canon's turn. i took the opportunity to tell him how well his behavior had been lately! he can be trying, but he has responded to things (discipline, "no", ledger, etc.) so much better.
 we had the best time. he chose mcalister's for dinner. i didn't resist! he talks non-stop and loved having my full attention. we were gone about 3 hours and he was bouncing off the walls by the time we got home (maybe something to do with that big 'ol red drink?!). the picture above is his silly AND sweet face! we ran in party city and he wanted to try on all the masks. batman was pretty creepy! 
 after the kids were in bed, we "prepped" for knox's big day! i LOVE celebrating my babies birthdays. i also finished ALL of my wrapping. not bad for just starting my shopping last friday night. :)

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