knox's mustache bash...

while we were in muskogee for christmas, we decided that that would be the best time to have knox's party. a lot of our family wasn't able to make it because of holiday traveling. when i said "mustache bash" that term was used very loosely! however, we had such a fun day celebrating our littlest man. unfortunately, he wasn't feeling great at all (we'd find out the next day that he had an ear infection) and slept most of the morning. we had fun being with those we love anyway.
you better believe i made knox's party special regardless of the number of people there! 
i heart details :)
since it was a mid-morning party, we decided on cookies and a hot chocolate "bar", complete with crushed peppermint, caramels, mini marshmellows, hot tamales, hazelnut pirouettes and whipped spray.
one of my favorite pics of these guys. they looked so dapper in their bow ties!
the birthday boy FINALLY woke up!
i want a set of mugs with permanent mustaches. they were SO cute!
 present time!!
the boys are at that age where they have to reminded to "scoot back" each time someone else opens a gift. he had several happy helpers! knox says, "this is my check, bro!"
 happy helper #1.
 sweetest smile. a puppy from gram. go figure :)
 oomah gave her boy some suckers with his cash. he was in heaven!
we all had a little too much fun with these mustaches! each one was named something different. lane was the mustache distributor. he took his job very seriously!
ledger's fit him perfectly and he was LOVING himself in it! canon was very serious with his. he kept thinking it would fall off. both very handsome gentleman!
 sweet cousin/friends.
 i LOVE everything about this photo!! the only way we could get knox to leave the 'stache alone was to let him have his sucker. that look. oh my goodness.
"happy birthday to you..."
he was king of the looks that day, apparently!
 unlike his big brothers, he refused to dig in. he would accept a bite if someone gave it to him. 
finally, we cut it open and stuck his hand in it.
that got him nibbling.
crazy boy, must not be related to his mama! he was pretty much done after a few minutes. happy birthday, sweet boy!!
after the boys sugar highs wore off, we all took wonderful naps. we headed to our favorite muskogee restaurant, mahylon's, for our annual (with everyone. we frequent it often throughout the year!) dinner. 
once home, canon entertained us with non-stop singing from the fireplace. he pulled just about everyone up there to sing a duet with him. he's a ham! we finished the night off with a game of taboo. it was a great day!

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Amy Duncan said...

What a fun birthday theme and awesome pictures. You are so creative and such a fun mom!