the christmas train...

on friday, december 21st, we met up with my family at dry gulch for the christmas train. we had gone years ago for several years, but this was the boys first time. back in november, they were going to have a 2-day internet sale where you get tickets for $10 each. i woke up the first morning of the sale to a friend talking about getting hers at midnight right when they were available. i called my mom and sister to set a date and ordered our tickets by 9am. by 11am the same morning, all 50,000 tickets for the season were sold. perfect timing!

it was a good, cold night to help get us in the chrsitmas spirit! our first stop was to see santa before he got too busy. i've learned not to have any expectations. it's better that way! i LOVE how the pictures turn out each year. it captures their personalities and stages perfectly! 
after doing beautifully last year, canon relapsed and would NOT sit on santa's lap. he was fine to stand on the other side of ledger! ledger willingly climbed into his lap, but was pretty quiet on the talking front. and knox? he was a 1 year old! in the end, we got our picture and the boys told santa their wishes...canon wanted his "own camera" and ledger wanted a "space rocket ship". they stuck to mentioning only these items the whole christmas season.
back to normal outside of santa's presence!
we stopped for a quick dinner in one of their restaurants before exploring the old western "town". canon was being silly and making me laugh here!
family shot. 
before too long, we decided to hop in line to ride the christmas train. the boys were SO excited about this! while on the train, they tell the christmas story (creation to resurrection). it's very cool. this entire place is run so well. 
canon talked my ear off the WHOLE time. everytime he would hear something familiar in the story, he would re-tell me! his favorite part was going through the creation tunnel that had HUGE planets all around the train. 
ledger got to wear the conductor's hat!
after the train ride, chloe and lauren wanted to ride the go-karts. they invited the boys to ride doubles with them. ledger was all for it. canon DID NOT want to ride, despite lala's begging and pleading. to his credit, it was SOOOOO cold by this point. riding go-karts with the wind sounded miserable. 
the wait was pretty long so after a bit, knox and i made a break for a heated building. he did so well that evening. it was such a fun night with my family that kicked off several days of fun with them!
it was such a fun night with my family that kicked off several days of fun with them!

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