moss family christmas, part 2...

on sunday morning, the whole house went to church but knox and i. he was still sick with the stomach bug so we enjoyed a quiet morning by the fire. i was so bummed that we missed going to both of our home churches over the christmas break. sunday afternoon was very laid back. it involved christmas light-removing, movie-watching, nap-taking and puzzle-building!
aunt dee is so good to all of our kids. my boys are blessed with some rockin' aunts and uncles. 
i feel like these guys are looking more and more alike! the perspective in this picture makes knox's head look that much more gigantic!
the highlight of our weekend was sunday night! over lunch that day, ty and dee mentioned that they were going to drive through honor heights park to look at the famous christmas lights. that reminded us that we had told the boys they could take us to see them (they'd seen them when they were in muskogee while i was in houston. they talked about them non-stop for weeks!) 

somehow steve and dawn ended up coming up with the idea for us to use the church's people mover to take the whole clan to see the lights! the boys were SO excited and i may've been even more excited! we bathed all the kids and dressed them in their jammies. we talked up "pop's polar express" while we waited for it to arrive. canon about lost his mind when it pulled up! oomah had snacks for all the kids. it was just the best time! such a cool memory. 
the sprout channel's bedtime show was part of our nightly routine! 
on monday morning (new year's eve), we went up to dawn's childrens department at church so the kids could ride their new toys and run off some energy since it was so cold outside. we played hide-and-seek for a bit. of course, lane would push the boundaries of the game.   
lane also likes to put knox in precarious poses and duck out of the picture. i promise he was right under him ready to catch him. however, knox was not letting go of this fence!
poor baby did NOT understand that a pretend banana cannot be peeled. boy loves him some nanners!
after knox woke up from his nap late that afternoon, it was clear he wasn't feeling good and had 103.5 fever. he'd been messing with his ear and had finished his antibiotic a few days before for his previous (one week prior) ear infection. of course it was 5:00 on a holiday. all the urgent cares and doctors offices were closing. i felt so helpless knowing the er was pretty much our only option. i was almost certain that it was his ear. thankfully, steve ended up calling a doctor friend in their church. he was so kind and after talking over the past week and symptoms with lane, he ended up calling him in a stronger antibiotic. i was so thankful that what appeared was going to be a really expensive night ended up only being $10. and most importantly, knox perked up by the next day and we were able to keep his fever under control!

smiling despite the sickies! he's turning into more and more of a daddy's boy. 
our wild NYE consisted of jammie's, hot wings, gel nels for the girls and cards for the boys. perfect! canon celebrated his first new year's! he woke up about 11 and would not go back to sleep. he was wide awake so i brought him downstairs with me. we watched the end of despicable me. we explained to him what would happen at midnight. he was super sweet wishing everyone a "happy new year"! i LOVE special, unplanned moments with my boys. we hit the sack not long after. 
pop's birthday is new year's day. after breakfast, the cousins made him a special, colorful cake. it actually turned out really cool. the colors were so vibrant! 
ledger's happy place. 
the boys enjoyed lots of cousin time!! these kids have so much fun together. 
we headed back to joplin late on the 1st after celebrating for 12 days! it was so much fun, full of great memories. we are always thankful for extended time spent with our family. so many happy and sad things in 2012, but we're so thankful for a god who is consistent and good and faithful. 2013, bring it on!!

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