cookie making with my guys...

sweet meredith over at the tichenor family blog has to be one of the most fun, creative mamas out there. she is a fellow boy mom to 3 of the cutest little guys. i've enjoyed getting to know her over the past yearish! she started a new tradition today where she and her boys will make cookies each monday. she was kind enough to invite others to jump on board in making sweet memories with our own kiddos! 

in trying to become more intentional with my own guys AND reaching the afternoon witching hour, after reading this post, i quickly decided this would be our project for the next hour until that glorious moment when daddy walks in the door! i had no dinner prep since tonight had already been deemed a pizza night. 

we decided on oomah's tried and true chocolate chip cookies since we had all the ingredients on hand. the only thing different was mini-chocolate chips vs. regular ones which the boys thought was pretty great! their favorite part of the cookie-making experience was beating the butter (go figure). since this was a last minute decision, i had no softened butter. i googled "quick way to soften butter" and learned that you can beat it soft. worked like a charm!
of course, we had to be fair and take turns with every.single.step! heaven forbid, someone gets to go twice in a row. 
this shot courtesy of ledger. 
canon's action shot.
if you're curious, this is what knox was doing pretty much the whole time! if we're in the kitchen and i set him down, he loses it. i think he thinks he's going to miss out on some food. 
while mama was scooping cookies onto the cookie sheet, these guys decided to go through nana's cabinets and "make" popcorn. whatever keeps them entertained!!
the suspense was killing mr. canon! he sat in front of the oven almost the whole time the first batch baked. ledger came and went. 
the verdict: delicious! so delicious that fits were thrown when they couldn't have more right away.
one thing we plan to do when we make cookies each week is to share them with someone new each time. since it's no secret that i lack will power in the sweets department, we figure this is a good way of ridding the house of too many yummies and showing some love to the good people in our lives! tonight, we ran some cookies and a housewarming gift over to our dear friends (and cousins), logan and aanna! their story is very similar to ours in that they moved to joplin and waited a good year for their house in texas to sell. we are so excited for them and their new home is just perfect! 


Andrea said...

I love the idea of sharing them each week!

Rachel Easley said...

Stopping by from the cookie link up...you have adorable boys! I love the picture of them watching the cookies in the oven. Super precious!! And who doesn't like a good ole choc chip cookie?!! Yum!

Lauren Fisher said...

Those cookies look yummy! :)