a long weekend in muskogee...

this past week we spent a long weekend in muskogee. lane was gone to philly for a several days and has quite a few 2-3 day trips coming up, but this was the longest one so we decided to go for a visit. we had been planning on going thursday-monday, but as weather reports started coming in early in the week, it looked like we were going to finally be getting some winter weather. 

i woke up wednesday morning to texts/missed calls from my parents saying if i was going to go, i needed to leave right away. thankfully, i had already packed the boys and literally threw my stuff in a bag, brushed my teeth and prayed we had forgotten something! 

the first hour of the trip was dry and fun as we played "pass that truck"! the second hour we met the snow. it didn't take long for us to run into some messy roads. i had to go 40-45mph for a good 20 minutes. it was very nerve-wracking for me! thankfully, my scared squeals were merely entertainment for the boys and they were as calm as could be! we tried to make it up the driveway at my mom's only to slide right back down. oh joy. 
after getting dressed in their warm clothes, the boys were off to play in the snow! this was really the first snow we'd had in 2 years and even at that it was just a couple of inches with lots of rain under it. BUT that didn't stop my boys from wanting to build a snowman. uh-oh. snowmen are lane's jurisdiction as evidenced by my pitiful attempt below!
another favorite of theirs is throwing snow"balls" at the screen door. 
"please you read us a book?" ledger's favorite past time. 
thursday was chloe's 14th birthday!!
she had some friends over after school for pizza and cookie cake before they all went to a basketball game.
 and in honor of clo's birthday, i dedicated #tbt to the cutest baby! i mean, seriously.
 while i enjoyed a quiet afternoon of cleaning floors and watching parenthood, canon and ledger played at oomah and pop's house. they did lots of different experiments! they were so excited to show me their pictures and tell me about them. they made tornadoes!
 and mixed colors to make new colors!
 i ADORE this face!!
friday morning, my dad was in town so we met him at good 'ol mcdonalds for breakfast. canon was in a grumpy mood and refused to have his picture taken. 
and this is ledger's newly discovered talent. geez. the nut doesn't fall too far from the tree, i suppose!
when your gram is an occupational therapist, there's always a fun, learning toy/game nearby! these beads entertained them for quite some time while mommy got ready :)
saturday morning, we got up and ready and headed out of the door for tulsa only to find out that my battery in my van was dead. after a sweet neighbor jumped it, we were on our way! as we were pulling in the parking lot for breakfast, ledger got sick. thankfully, i have freakishly fast reflexes when it comes to vomit and i had something to catch it without making any mess. he said he felt fine and we chalked it up to getting too warm and being hungry. we should've taken that as our sign and headed home then! ha!

we killed some time at the mall. i physically walked into a GAP store for the first time since we moved. that took restraint. i succeeded! after playing on the play ground, the quarter rides and taking a spin on the carousal, we headed to target where we browsed just about every aisle. we then had an early dinner where ledger proceeded to get sick twice all over the booth. that was our cue. we couldn't get home fast enough! it was so weird how he acted completely normal except for the vomiting. i was nervous when i put him to bed. lane handles the throw up (and the snowmen) in our house. he did great, though! and seemed back to normal the next morning. 
sunday was a fun day where everyone seemed fine. we went to church (ledger sat with mom and i). i did my grocery shopping for the week. we had a big lunch. took big naps. visited oomah and pop's again. just enjoyed the day. i started the awful process of trying to pack up our stuff that was strewn about. 

again, there was talk of winter weather again the next day so we planned to get up and go. when knox woke up, i immediately knew something was off. he was so fussy and just wanted to be held (which made packing the car interesting). he felt warm so i took his temp and it was 102.6. i called right away and made an appointment for that afternoon. i assumed it was his ears that he wouldn't leave alone. 

we made it home. lane made it home. sure enough, when i took knox in to the doctor, he had a nasty, double ear infection and a touch of croup. i felt awful that i had no idea. he slept great. he ate great. he acted great. sweetest sick boy. by tuesday afternoon, he was back to his normal self. thank you, jesus! monday night, i fell asleep at 8:45 on the couch. i was exhausted! it was a good trip though :)

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