so apparently my new norm is just blogging one really long post every week or two! geez. anywho. i bought this really handy notepad in the dollar spot at target. i really like the idea of it for menu planning/who's out on what night, especially with coordinating with nana's schedule! i'm a sucker for notepads/notecards :)

my boys love to play house by piling a bunch of random stuff in a random spot! it's really pretty sweet. whatever entertains them!

knox being a bad example for his friend :)
the boys were rewarded for good behavior recently with a trip to the arcade during daddy's lunch break!
they may've been a bit unhappy with me that i made them spend their last few tokens on the photobooth! i have them hanging on our refrigerator. i LOVE it...even if lane's noggin is hogging most of the space! and my most favorite thing about it? those sweet squinty, smiling eyes on the bottom!
my festive cheeseball!
lala had a birthday the day before valentine's! we wish we could've celebrated with her!
knox eating lunch at the big boy table. he was pretty proud!
lane and i celebrated our 12th valentine's day together...a day early! it was fun to dress up and have a nice dinner sans our little entourage! canon attempted taking some pics of us. who cares if they're blurry. they were taken with LOVE!
finally resorted to a selfie.
these sweet love bugs are too much for my mommy heart!
happy valentine's day from my prince charming, dr. love and king of hearts!
i was a sucker (once again) for target's seasonal stuff!

canon had a friend over. he was definitely hovering!
their favorite thing to do with nana!
we took nana out to her favorite burger and shake spot on valentine's.
enjoying their valentine treats! it's amazing how excited $3 worth of stuff makes these guys :)
grammie and poppa's tasty valentine!
ledgie photographing his beloved duck!
ledger wanted to "color my name and peoples."
we had a few minutes to spare before church. it's a shame my kids' lack personality :)
their daddy is definitely their hero and most favorite person!
now to catch up on this past week :)

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