knox at 14 months...

i feel like 13 months to 14 months was the most significant change for knox in several months. he changed and moved a little bit further from the infant stage. he's just the most fun, sweet, cuddly boy. we ADORE him. whenever i say something about "my baby", the boys correct me and say, "he's all of our baby, mom." we're just so crazy about him. perfect bookend for our family!

you've turned into quite the bashful thing. if people look at you or talk to you, you quickly turn away and hide your face. if you're feeling cranky, you'll cry when they look at you. a wee bit dramatic :) you crack us up often. your ornery grin gets us! you think jokes are funny. you bonked your head on the couch one night and we laughed...so you kept doing it and laughing! you've started this scrunchy face, snorty thing when laughing that's pretty darn cute. you spend the majority of your day laughing at your brothers. they LOVE to entertain you. you had a random staph infection on your bottom that took a couple of weeks to heal. it really didn't slow you down much, though. 

you are all over the place exploring. you will look at every toy in a bucket so contently. you're not loving reading right now. i think you're just too busy to sit still! you're most favorite thing to do is to climb...on anything. the picnic table is your favorite spot. it's your perch. emptying the bookshelves/game shelf is a close second on the favorite's list. you can throw a ball. you love to play the drums and do a pretty good job at keeping a beat! 

this is slowly developing and is so fun to watch up close. you've added thank you and banana to your vocab list this month. thank you is 2 sweet grunts and banana is "nana" which gets confusing while living with an actual nana! you've started pointing this month which is so fascinating to me. you point to everything. it's totally the beginning of you trying to tell us what you want. i LOVE it! plus, your tiny finger is super adorable!

i already mentioned climbing is your favorite way to get places. you are still not too interested in walking. we can get you to take a couple of steps here and there, but we aren't concerned. you have tiny feet and a big 'ol head so it's understandable :) you can crawl super fast. it's your most reliable getaway! 

you are definitely learning that patience is a virtue. you're less impatient, but you still have some loud moments! especially in restaurants when they don't bring you food as fast as you'd like :) you are eating just about anything these days. i give you a fruit/veg pouch each day. other than that, you're all table foods and aren't too picky! you love your morning oatmeal, grilled cheese, beans, chicken in any form and bananas. bananas are definitely your favorite thing! you now have 8 chompers to help you along. since your teeth have come through, your mood is amazing! the big news on the eating front this month is that we've successfully weaned you. you initiated it, too, which made me feel better! SO thankful for 13.5 months of nursing. LOVED every single moment of it! you are doing great at taking your milk from a cup. 

you rock at it. pretty boring to write about because every day is the same. go to sleep around 7:30. wake up between 8-9. nap from 10:30ish-11:30. nap from 1:30-4:30. repeat. again, SO thankful! you still take your passy while sleeping, but i am starting to keep it from you while you're playing and you could careless. you've been sleeping in the cave room. 

you weigh 21.4. you wear 6-12 months clothes. you wear size 2 shoes. you wear size 4 diapers. 

love you sweet boy!


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