a sunshiny kind of day...

today was just one of those days where everything aligned for a really good day! my attitude, the boys' attitudes, the weather, the lack of plans, etc. after a slow, late start to our day (the time change is still messing with me!), the big boys and i had so much fun making our daily smoothies, doing our bible study, building some puzzles and then having the dance party of the century while knox napped. seriously, kids are so in shape. mimicking their every movement for 30 minutes was exhausting and an intense cardio workout! 

next up was lunch. i've had fun this week exploring some new, healthy lunches for us this week. the boys played nicely while i got lunch ready which always makes for a brighter day :)
my sunshine (minus their daddy).
when the little boys got up from their naps around 3:30, we headed outside for 2 hours! it was GORGEOUS!! we have missed the warmth from the sunshine. it was so good for all of us to run around! you think these guys love each other?!


 these white legs saw the sun for the first time in months...eeesh!
knox was fascinated with the grass. surprisingly, he didn't try to eat it. maybe he's outgrowing the "put everything in my mouth" stage! 
 this boy was in his element. dirt. that's all he needs for a good time!
 best brothers :)
 post frisbee throw!
while lane fixed my flat tire (my only cloud today, i suppose. although, i can be thankful that i discovered it in my garage and not at walmart with all my kids in tow!), we pulled the cozy coupe out for knox for the first time. to say he loved it is an understatement! glad to see a third son excited about something that holds so many memories from my own childhood. and that last picture just does me in! he is the sweetest!!
after dinner, lane took the boys back out while nana and i cleaned up the kitchen. my heart LOVED looking outside to this picture! these 4 ADORE each other. 
and while the house was quiet with the beautiful sunset streaming in, i got to do some veggie prep for breakfast in the morning. i already feel like i'm one up on friday morning! take that, time change. 
i'm so thankful for days like today. i realize everyday isn't full of sunshine and i'm ok with that, but it makes me even more thankful for my little blessings when we have a good day and i can appreciate them fully for who they are. good to have those reminders! at one point today, i sincerely felt sorry for and a little guilty that lane can't spend his days with these guys. i'm so lucky that they're my everyday! and, yes, i'm already preparing my heart to be joyful for whatever kind of day we have tomorrow :) 

welcome, spring!

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Meggie said...

Awww, that was so sweet! Yay for good days!!