real camera challenge...

this past week, i gave myself the challenge of using my REAL camera everday for a week and capturing at least 3 photos i was proud of...on manual setting :) i got my iphone around the time we bought our dslr. between, the iphone and instagram, i've gotten pretty lazy at capturing my boys on the big camera. which means i had also forgotten a lot of the skills that go along with a manual, dslr! i'd forgotten how much fun it is to play with light. 
day one
my little, laundry helper.
nana got the boys some valentines that were on clearance for .30. cheapest and best entertainment! they played matching games and traded them with each other :)
knox LOVES his daddy :) this picture melts me.
 day two
ledger is all boy. all boy with a blankie that goes everywhere he goes!
 lemonade and cartoons. being 4 and not having to take a nap has its perks!
best daddy award to this man.
day three
i may not have a girl to enjoy girlie things with down the road, but for the time being, i have a 1 year old who is very interested in my makeup bag :)
 the sweetness that oozes from this boy!
 and his new trick...crossing his eyes!
 mr. canon is a ball of energy that RARELY sits still as evidenced by this picture.
day four
sunday morning mischief.
 90% of the time this is what happens when i say i'm going to take their picture!
 i want to memorize every detail about this sweet, little profile.
 day five
best buds.
ice cream bribery. 
 dancing knox.
 day six
this boy knows how to relax.
 our buddy, lachlan. he fits in so well around here that i think of him as my 4th son :)
a boy and his cars.  
sweet knox wants to walk so bad. each day he takes a few steps here and there...some time only 2 and other days 10. it's ok, though. i'm in no hurry for him to be a toddler :)

LOVE my babies!!

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