how we spent the afternoon...

the boys and i went back to walmart this morning in search of flowers. we gave up on the seeds for now. we needed some instant color on the porch! after lunch, we headed outside to start painting. ollie quickly decided for himself that he would be napping during the art project! and i was crazy and let the boys where good clothes to paint in. oh well. trying to not sweat the small stuff! the boys were very into their designs. i decided to hold off on painting my pot until they were finished due to the wind and the need for frequent water changes! when they had each of their pieces just as they wanted, i painted mine and let them run around the yard. 
while the pots were drying, we went inside for a quick rest time...for them. i picked up and put laundry away while they watched arthur :) after a bit, we went back out to plant our pretty flowers. they had me laughing! their personalities were so evident during this task. after i went into detail on how to correctly plant a flower, canon meticulously dug his holes and patted the dirt back. ledger just moved his hands around in the dirt and then laid each flower along the edge. 
ledger said, "ta-da!!" in the picture below. he was so proud! i try not to go back behind them on things they've done by themselves that they're especially proud of, but i had to tell him that his flowers wouldn't grow leaned up on the side! so he helped me re-plant them :)
the finished products!! canon wanted a hand on his and ledger wanted his to say "sonic", his identity of choice these days. i had forgotten and painted ledger on the rim. he said, sadly, "that doesn't say 's'." oops.

this litte boy just ate dirt while we planted. he's such a busy, funny boy. he keeps us laughing!
a little after-dinner baseball. look at the fierce boy!!
our everyday norm :)
nana plays the piano most evenings. as soon as the boys hear those first few musical notes, they run upstairs! she's gracious enough to play them their requests while they "help" her. what a special memory!
tonight, lane had to go help a friend with something so i put the kidlets to bed, took a shower and curled up to watch two of my favorite shows, the duggars and the little couple. i heart these shows so much and am probably a little too emotionally invested in these tv families! oh, well :)

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