april iDump...

another month has come and gone. it has been such an interesting spring...lots of cool days! even though we've had to wear sleeves longer than usual, we've also been blessed with gorgeous, warm afternoons. here are some random photos from my camera roll from the past month! 

we spent the first weekend of april in tulsa for our friend, drew's, birthday. we got to have a sleepover with our other dear friend, shanna! man, we miss her often. on saturday, lane spruced up the yard at the old house. little did we know, we'd a get a contract on it a few days later! the stillwater moss' also made a trip over. the boys loved playing with their cousins and meeting their newest one!
my mom and sister also came up for a visit. chloe had made 9th grade cheerleader the day before so she  put on a little show for the kiddos! before heading home, we ate some yummy mexican food with them.  have i mentioned that joplin is seriously lacking in good mexican food?!
we had our own little easter, ahem, a week after the real easter! of course, it was fun to the boys to open some goodies and hunt eggs all over again! swim suits are always a guarantee in their baskets. 
a couple sunday morning shots...
and a sunday morning story...
one saturday night, i was going to a girls get together so lane bought a couple watermelons for them to have while i was gone. while lane was getting ready to cut one and ball it up, ledger accidentally rolled it off the counter and it split wide open. fast forward to the next morning while lane and i were still in bed. i guess the boys decided watermelon sounded really tasty for breakfast. since lane had already finished off the first one, canon used his smart little mind and remembered that if you throw it, it will open itself up! yep, i woke up to the smell of watermelon. when i walked into the living room, there was watermelon EVERYWHERE...drips and puddles, but no evidence of the actual watermelon. when i opened the fridge, i saw this. they had used their little play kitchen's spoons and polished that sucker off! as frustrating as it was to have to clean up such a big mess first thing in the morning, we laughed that it's good to know they could survive a few days without us :)
my little baker. he LOVES to help "took"! he told me that he can't wait to be 4 so he can cook all by himself :)
this little stinker learned how to climb up to the hockey table and was so proud of himself!
these 2 crack me up! they're becoming such good, little buddies!
ledger dressed himself completely without help! another proud boy :)
this finally happened...on a windy, cold day. it was one of those times where i got him up form his nap and threw him right in the car. i had to go to the bank, but while out, remembered i needed something from the store for dinner. oops. but how cute are his little piggies?!
enjoying a beautiful afternoon with these cool cats!
after 4-5 months of sleeping in a pack n' play, we finally moved his crib into the "cave". he let us know early on that he preferred the pitch black room and tiny bed over a real bedroom and crib. so after some rearranging, lane moved his big boy bed into his new "room"!
one afternoon while nana stayed with the little boys that were napping, canon and i snuck out to target for some one-on-one time! i ADORE time spent alone with these guys!
just soaking up some sunshine :)
i'm ashamed to say it took us 5.5 months to get a library card and take advantage of weekly story times. the boys love our thursday morning outings there now! they have a fabulous kids department and miss debbie does a great job during story time. we're sad that they're taking the month of may off to get ready for all of their summer programs :(
the last couple trips back to the old house have involved me relaxing on my couch while lane works hard! we only got to enjoy it for 5 months before we moved. it's such a comfortable, wonderful couch. i may be sadder that it has to go into stinky storage for a little bit longer before we can enjoy it again.
such a deliriously happy baby!
just taking a reading break at tj maxx. they ask to look at toys everywhere we go. as long as they don't ask to buy things, i'm fine with them browsing!
i have LOVED watching this tree bud and bloom this spring. one week it had tiny buds on it and the very next week it looked like this. it already has filled in so much more and has become a great afternoon shade tree! i love watching things come alive in the spring!

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