mother's day week...

here's to breaking my 2 month unintentional blogging hiatus. i blame instagram :) we spent mother's day weekend and the following week in muskogee. on saturday, may 11th we packed up and headed to tulsa. lane needed to work on a couple of projects for the
house and mow the lawn. my orders were to keep the little boys busy and out of the way :) we ran a few errands for lane , browsed some favorite stores and ate lunch at our old mcalister's. it's still strange to run around tulsa. we're already 9 months removed from it, but it also seems like just a few weeks ago that we did everyday life there! it will always hold a special place in our hearts. 
when we ran out of running around steam, we secluded ourselves in knox's old room. thankfully, we still had some toys there. 
while there, i got super sentimental about knox's sweet nursery and all the things i loved about it. i was (and am still) sad that he didn't get to grow with it, but we are SO thankful for him. that he continues to be a joy to us regardless of where we live!

it was finally time to head to lane's parents house in muskogee. we had a yummy steak dinner and got to play outside before bath and bedtime! ledger was pretending to be the ice cream boy.

canon: "i'm doing a free throw!"
we were glad uncle tyler could come play for the weekend!
i feel so incredibly blessed to be these sweet boys' mommy!
canon made me this crown for mother's day at church. it's tough being the only girl in the house!
after church, we went to charlie's chicken with my mom and chloe. the boys LOVE the "angry chicken!"
that evening, we got to go to the most beautiful, backyard wedding. the setting and weather could not have been more gorgeous. 3 different people groups from our lives were represented there! it was fun to have our different worlds collide! my mom kept the boys so we were able to enjoy ourselves. afterwards, lane rode back to joplin for the week while i rode back with his parents for the rest of the week.
what would a trip to muskogee be without a playdate at civitan park with the greer girls?!

monday night, chloe had a choir concert (zombie inspired) that the big boys and i went to. 
knox got to have oomah and pops all to himself that night for the first time ever. he loved the attention, no doubt!
knox was quite the early riser that week. when we're all sharing a room, it means mommy and knox have to get up right away so the big boys sleep! he loves to pull the little rocker to the back door and watch the dogs.

after a lazy morning, we got dressed to go to chloe's award ceremony. i thought it'd be fun to grab lunch and have a picnic at the park before it started. i'm a dunce though and couldn't find the park near her school so we had a picnic in the floor of the van...complete with the picnic blanket. good thing my crew is flexible and always up for some kind of adventure!
my dad drove down for the ceremony. the boys always love to see gdad! i only got to take 2 pics before my phone died. in both pics, none of the boys are looking and my dad has his eyes closed :)
after dinner that night, my mom had to run to lowe's. of course, the boys loved that idea!
...and when braum's is in the parking of lowe's, of course, you stop for some pre-bedtime ice cream! at least when you're with gram.
wednesday morning was an overcast, cool morning so we got dressed and made the trek across town to the park of my childhood. it holds SO many memories for me! they even still have the same equipment that i used to climb on. i'm a sap! canon the monkey man.
knox was rather pensive about the whole experience.
ledger loved all the ducks and geese, even though the geese are mean! he has a special love for ducks thanks to his blankie.
watching a funny little boy on ellen!

we woke up to rain on thursday morning, but around 11 it stopped. more was expected that afternoon so we dashed up to the park to run out some of our energy. we were the only ones there and it felt amazing out! we (yes, we. i told myself that i had to move the whole time they were for my cardio that day! keeping up with preschoolers is work. those kids are in super shape!) ran around for a solid hour. you better believe they took good naps that afternoon!
he took his passy out and said "cheeeeeeese!"
"i wanna go sonic high." as in sonic the hedgehog. he's convinced he's him!
canon shouting, "BEST. DAY. EVER!!"
this sweet boy is such a mess/ham/cuddler/cutie/sweetie/mooch!
walked in to find him with a toy hammer, a glass vase and a strand of beads. never a dull moment with this kid!
we met the greer girls for another morning at the park on friday. we sure miss them! and how adorable is knox's big belly?!
bright and early on saturday morning, lane and i headed to tulsa to pack up the rest of our house. we thought it wouldn't take long since we "didn't have much stuff left there." wrong!! it took FOREVER...and was so hot! and i had rented a 20 foot truck since i had no idea how to estimate how much space we would need. lane pretty much laughed in my face at the thought of a 20 footer and instead rented a 14 foot truck! needless to say, we packed that 14 foot truck to the roof...plus, 3 vehicles :)
lane's mom had kept the kids all day so they would be out of the way. they had graciously offered their garage to us so we didn't have to pay for storage. so our little caravan headed back to muskogee to unpack what we had just spent hours loading. oh, the joys of our never-ending relocation! knox treated himself to a pre-dinner cupcake! he's sneaky when it comes to food :) i think this picture just sums him up so well.
thanks to oomah for hanging out with these guys! thanks to pops for helping load/unload all of our stuff! thanks to gram for letting us pack her suv full and for bringing us pizza for dinner! we love y'all! this was our 7th move in our 7 years of marriage and once we finally move it all to joplin, hopefully, we won't move again for a really long time!
after dropping off the uhaul that night, we headed back to joplin. that was the best shower and bedtime i can remember in a long time. poor lane, had to to speak at a jr.high lock-in from 2-5. you better believe sunday was a lazy day!

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