canon's batman party...

canon knew for a few months that he wanted to have a batman party. we used the term "party" loosely. it was the only weekend that worked for us, and even though, my dad, lane's parents, and my sister were all out of town, the party went on! tulsa was the perfect place to have it since 1) it's the central most location for our family to meet up and 2)we were already there. and when you own a house that is empty, you choose to have the party at the park, even though it's really hot (his 3rd of 5 parties to have there)! 

i knew since the first of the year that i wanted my blog/twitter friend, summer, to make some cookies for us. she's super talented, sweet and a fellow boy mom! she did a fantastic job and was so easy to work with. they made a cheesy character party adorable! and they weren't messy...a huge plus!
see what i mean?!
we served watermelon and cookies.
i always love crafting/personalizing things for my boys' parties. they could care less, but i like all the details! my mom always made our parties special and i remember so many details of her thoughtfulness.
i took these pictures a couple of days earlier for the frames on the table. the boy LOVES batman!
playground fun!
cousins turned best friends!
sweetest brothers.
my heart.
canon insisted on opening gifts first despite the disappointment of his guests who wanted to eat! every time we would go to target, he would say how much he wanted this basketball goal. g-dad delivered! i love that you can tell how big his smile is just by looking at his cheekbones :)
uncle tyler and aunt denise gave him lego batman for the wii which continues to be a hit!
nora and cordie scored big points with chalk and window markers! those window markers are awesome and have provided hours of entertainment. AND they have a crystalized effect that make them look 3D!
ella and hudson gave him a super cool hot wheels track for the bathtub! it's a lot of fun and keeps them entertained until they've turned to prunes. i even love to get in on the racing action!
gram and aunt chloe gave him his very first big boy bicycle (canon named it "lenny the green monster") and helmet.
the helmet's WAY cool!
aunt lala and uncle kyle gave him an awesome fire fighter costume. for years, that's what he's said he wants to be when he grows up. actually, he says he wants to be "a fire man and a fire fighter." we sent a video of him opening his gift to them while they were on vacation. huddy and canon made quite the rescue team!
can't believe this sweet boy is 5!!
finally, it was time to sing happy birthday...
i thought it was so funny that out of all the cookies...the batman faces, the batman symbol and the number 5...both of my kids chose the number 5! they're unpredictable :)
isn't hadley just precious?!
this kid was cracking me up! he's all boy and outside is his element!
the daddies took the kids on a little adventure in the creek. throwing rocks is one of my boys' simple pleasures!
cooling off with some watermelon juice!
knox ate his weight in watermelon. he had sticky in every crevice of his body!
canon had a great party and felt so loved! he said his favorite tag line about the day, "this is the best day ever!!!"
a couple of years ago, we started the tradition of buying a book for the birthday boy to give him at his party. at the party, we have all the guests write their birthday messages in the front pages. this way all of his messages are in one place and he will be reminded how much he is loved each time he reads that book. and it's a great way to grow our library each year! the book always has at least a little something to do with the theme of the party. while browsing the book store for canon's book, i was reminded of a book that i had as a little girl, dr. seuss' 'my book about me.' it's a fun, interactive book that asks the reader questions about hisself and his life. you write the answers in. my mom still has mine and it's fun to look at. i thought 5 would be the perfect age to do this since he is learning to write and loves to do "projects" like this! it's an extra special keepsake. you should check it out :)

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