the beginning of our month long vacation...

on sunday, july 6th, we left joplin for what we thought would be 2 weeks! good thing we didn't know the craziness that was coming our way. after dropping lane off at the airport to head to to florida for the week, the boys and i headed to muskogee for a few days. since we skipped church, we had our own bible story and worship service in the van!
the evening was beautiful so we took full advantage! i have so many memories playing on my mom's long driveway. it's the perfect stretch of space for these guys to piddle.
 knox LOVES to clean up! he dumps stuff out just to clean it up. 2 months later and this still holds true!
monday morning, we went back out after breakfast to race the boys' cars. it didn't take long for the boredom/complaining to set in. so...
we headed to the splash pad! these cool cats make me smile :)
 we had the whole park to ourselves!
tuesday, we headed to the water park with dawn and steve. they were going with the children's ministry so we tagged along! 
 this is the beauty of having SO much fun!
after naps, we headed over to their house for some more fun! we had a yummy, summer meal and plenty of outdoor fun. the evenings were strangely beautiful in early july. 
this turned into...
wednesday was a lazy day! we stayed in our pj's all day, i'm pretty sure :) a sweet dog pile!
when lane's gone, the big boys' take turns sleeping with me. it was fun staying up with each boy! we would also facetime lane during these times :)
on thursday morning, canon, ledger and i took advantage of the free movie at the theater. we ate popcorn, drank sprite and laughed until our sides hurt while watching madagascar 3. it was a special time!
we HEART orange!!
 ledger's turn!
friday morning, we got up early and took off for dallas! we always look forward to visiting there. my sleepy, blankie boys!
the boys always beg to stop and touch the "big star" on the way into texas. i finally made their dreams come true! they were cracking me up with all the awe they were experiencing!
after a quick lunch, it didn't take long for them to end up in the pool!
kyle's sweet sister, holly, was there for the afternoon.
saturday morning, everyone slept in...except for mr. knox. he's such an early riser. he insists on a banana first thing. it's his coffee! this sweet 5 year old slept in until 9:30...unheard of!
we had plans to go to the science museum at 11:30 so we ended up at in-n-out at 10:45 for an early lunch. what i wouldn't give for that burger right now!
the boys LOVED racing the soccer star!
knox had fun, too :)
 we had saltgrass for dinner. that's my favorite! mama LOVES her some red meat. can you tell that eating is 96% of our trip? :)
the big boys headed out for froyo while the little and myself browsed home goods and target. it was great!
sunday, we woke up to a cold and rainy morning. i got a jump start on ironing and packing as we were leaving that afternoon to head to MOVE in east texas to meet up with lane. we had a quick lunch at this delicious taco place, fuzzy taco. SO good! there's not much more that knox loves than a hat and a bowl of queso. me, too, buddy. 

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