a sweet night...

we have LOVED playing in nana's backyard this year! we love to go out there with lane after dinner and just piddle around until bedtime. on this particular night, the light and weather were just perfect. it was a night that i wanted to burn every second spent with my sweet family into my memory. 

it was the night my boys first played bocce ball...a favorite of ours!
it was also the night they learned the valuable lesson of sore loser/sore winner :) my heart bursts when i see lane's tenderness and love for them!
 this babe didn't feel good all day, but the sunshine and fresh air did his soul some good!
a picture of innocence. just a sweet boy and his buzz! he ran around the yard with buzz making flying noises for quite some time. i wish time could stand still! 
a sweet daddy moment. he loves to make his boys laugh and will do whatever it takes to get them going good. this time it just took saying "this isn't flying. this is falling with style!"...over and over...in a silly voice!
god, you have been too gracious to me! however, i'm so thankful for these blessings!

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