memorial day weekend...

we had a full, fun, exhausting memorial day weekend! on friday afternoon, we drove to tulsa for lane to do a rehearsal for our first set of students from the youth group that were getting married! while he did that, the boys and i killed time at barnes and noble. i could spend hours in there. i LOVE looking at all the kid books! the boys had fun performing on the little stage. i think that'd be fun to have in a playroom. after we picked up lane, we headed to muskogee for the night. 
saturday morning, we all woke up bright and early and were on the rode by 9 for tulsa. i always feel so accomplished when that happens! the boys looked awfully sweet in their gingham. 
it was fun to see so many faces that we love! lane did a fantastic job. i love listening to him speak! i'm biased, for sure :)
after a quick run to our old house to change clothes and cut watermelon (it was the last time we set foot in that house), we were off to celebrate canon turning 5 with our family! it was a fun park party!
after a couple of hot, sweaty park hours, we went to eat my favorite mexican food with tyler and denise and the levi greers'. water, a/c, and salsa never felt/tasted so good! i love this picture of the boys with one of their favorite people!
before heading back to muskogee for the night, we stopped by some former students' graduation party. we're super excited because they will be coming to ozark in the fall! the boys LOVED getting to see so much of miss hope over the weekend. we miss her and her family so much! ledger and hope are only 3 days apart. we're hoping they both end up at ozark for college and fall in love!
sunday morning, we were up and out the door by 9...again. we drove to tulsa so we could attend HP that morning. we loved getting to worship with our old church family and celebrate our friend, Brian's, 15 years of ministry there. after lots of hugs and hellos/goodbyes, we met my mom and chloe for lunch. before hitting the road for joplin, the boys got some ice cream! they were such troopers all weekend during all the craziness and driving back and forth. 
we weren't out of the parking lot before this boy was out! how sweet is his little hand supporting his head??
of course, as soon as we got home and unloaded the van, canon wanted all of his new toys put together for him to try out! my dad gave him this 6ft basketball goal. it's awesome and so sturdy! lane may love it more :)
taking "lenny the green monster" out for his inaugural spin!
first bike crash. darn hilly neighborhood!
ledger's turn...it was a group effort!
little brother can't be left out!
everyone crashed hard that night. we were so tired from the busy weekend that i can't even remember what we did on memorial day. i'm sure it included staying home in our pj's and playing/resting. this is the only picture i took that day. knox is slowly turning into more of a playmate rather than just the baby that gets in the way!

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