more unexpected vacation...

so the monday morning after a relaxing week in oregon and a meltdown on the plane ride home, my sister drove the boys and i to oklahoma city to meet up with lane who had driven in after flying into tulsa the night before. we were all meeting there in hopes of picking up our completed van! of course, we should've known that it wasn't going to be that easy. (he didn't fix it and refuses to this day to give us our money back. BIG MESS!)

under the impression that our van would be done mid-afternoon and we could finally return to joplin after a month of being gone, we decided on seeing despicable me 2. we are all HUGE despicable me fans! this one was sweet!
this was knox's first theater experience and, thanks to a huge tub of popcorn, he did really well! the movie held his attention and his hands stayed busy feeding himself. he started getting squirmy about 20 minutes before the end so he and lane went to the lobby. 
it was SO hot that afternoon so we grabbed some cold, sonic treats and jumped in the pool! it was so great to be back with my little friends :)
 tuesday morning we woke up thinking just maybe that it would be the day we could go home! by afternoon after lane had gone down to the shop, it was clear this would not be the case. we started planning on how we would get back home and come get the van on a later date. lane had to be back for a meeting first thing wednesday morning. after packing up, the mechanic called and promised it would be done on wednesday. so lane took our small car, but since all 3 car seats wouldn't fit and our van was supposed to be done, the boys and i stayed behind for what we promised tyler and denise "just one more night"!
 aside from all of the car drama, we had a fun day in the pool!
and canon started swimming all by himself!

wednesday morning, lane called me and said the mechanic was waiting on a part and it would be thursday afternoon (2.5 weeks after he got the car). i LOST it! i was SO frustrated. i felt so trapped by not being able to go anywhere. i felt bad for imposing on tyler and dee. i was ready to get home! at this point, i didn't believe that it would be done the next day since EVERY single thing he had said hadn't followed through. lane and i decided that it would be best for me to wait it out in muskogee for a few reasons. my sweet, sweet mom left work around 10:30 and drove to okc to come rescue us.

we stayed with dawn and steve for 2 nights before it was clear our van wasn't going to be ready before the weekend. they graciously let us take their van back to joplin until ours was done. a nightmare that van has become!!

ledger wanted to play santa claus!
 building puzzles!
 ledger said, "please you buckle us in? we're going to the beach!"
finally, on friday evening, we loaded up and drove into joplin for the first time in 5.5 weeks! it felt so weird to be back in "normal life". however, we were super thankful for it!

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